The Mission

A non-profit organization Research - Innovation and Technology Center was established pursuant to act no. 213/1997 of the collection of laws. Non-profit organizations providing services of general interest, as amended. It is the legal person who provides services of general interest under pre-determined conditions and for all users on equal terms and whose profits must not be used for the benefit of the founders. Members of the institutions or its employees but must be used in full scale to provide services of general interest.
The mission of this organization is to create an attractive research - innovative environment for companies and society, with a high focus on science, research, industrial innovation, and sustainable technologies. High emphasis is placed on the development and application of new knowledge in practice, as well as a strong link to the education and development of staff as well as students.

Objectives of activities

The basic goals of the activities of the Research and Innovation and Technology Center include:
  • research, development, scientific and technical services, and information services,
  • creation and protection of the environment,
  • services to support regional development and employment,
  • education.

Area of operation

Research and Innovation and Technology Center, NPO cooperates with a wide range of experts in various, preferably technical areas. It places great emphasis on the gradual decarbonization of technological processes and the development of green technologies in line with the objectives of the European Union. It focuses primarily on research and development, further innovation of existing technological processes, as well as their application in practice. It participates in the transfer of new information among the public in the form of organizing or co-organizing conferences, workshops, professional lectures, or training at the national and international level.

Realized projects

  • Introductory study on the issue of steel slag recovery - introduction study
  • Utilization of metallurgical slag in road construction - introduction study
  • Decarbonization of the metallurgical industry - research task
  • Trends in the direction of raw iron and steel production – research task
  • Design of iron ore treatments for future requirements of the metallurgical industry – research task
  • Processing of iron ore originating from Rudomain into a metallized product – research task
  • Processing and utilization of polymetallic waste from the Nižná Slaná tailings pond - research task
  • Valuation of the slag heap from the production of ferroalloys in Istebne - research task
  • Processing and utilization of polymetallic waste - consulting services
  • Comparison of optimal production of hematite and magnetite concentrates from Rudomain ore from the point of view of subsequent technological processes - research report


The Laboratory of Materials Reducibility Testing (LTRM) is a joint laboratory of the Research - Innovation and Technology Center, NPO, and the Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling, Technical University of Košice. It is preferably intended for the laboratory determination of the basic technological characteristics of raw materials that are used as a charge in a blast furnace. It is intended for determining reducibility and disintegration.
The RF-33/TV/RDI device enables testing of the mentioned properties according to the standards: ISO 4695, ISO 7215, ISO 4696-1,2, as well as according to the experimental standard VODIK950, while the composition of the atmosphere and the temperature can be changed in the device. Thanks to this, the mentioned equipment can be used on a wider scale to study the high-temperature physico-chemical properties of raw materials in the environment of technological gases, as well as by other non-standardized procedures.

Ability to conduct research and development

Research-Innovation and Technology Center, NPO, on February 26, 2024, it received a "Certificate of Ability to Conduct Research and Development" from the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic.

2% of the tax

In 2024, our non-profit organization became the recipient of 2% of the tax. The funds obtained are used in full for the support and development of science, research and education. We are a regular supporter of student conferences and competitions. If you are interested in supporting our non-profit organization, please download the form.


Doc. Ing. Dana Baricová, PhD. MBA
Research - Innovation and Technology Center, NPO
Werferova 6, 040 11 Košice,
Slovak Republic
Mob.: +421 918 844 754
e-mail: dana.baricova@vtp.sk